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4 weeks ago


We had a very special patient in this past week and we wanted to share his story. Boomer has, and continues to defy the odds and was such a fighter while here in the hospital. Below, one of Boomer's doctors here at Avets, describes his journey.

Boomer came to us after being hit by car on Wednesday. On initial presentation he was not breathing and a pulse couldn't be felt. After starting CPR he began to gasp for breath. A chest tap was performed revealing a severe air leak in the lung, with severe bleeding into the thoracic cavity and abdomen as well. He was initially stabilized by receiving fluids, several blood product transfusions, having tubes placed into both sides of his chest and being connected to a vacuum device to help keep the chest empty of air and blood. A large volume of blood was also removed from his abdomen. Wounds on the inside of right limb were cleaned and bandaged.

The next day the surgeons evaluated Boomer's wounds and found that he had a tear to his patellar tendon (the main tendon that allows your quadriceps to work effectively). At that point amputation of the limb was elected as the most humane way to proceed as medical correction of the knee would have taken several months and may or may not have been successful. He also had a CT scan that day to evaluate the degree of lesions in his chest.

The next day he had surgery to remove the limb. At this time he still had the chest tubes and was still connected to the vacuum device. He received a feeding tube that day as well as he was not eating on his own.

On the following day Boomer's chest tubes were still producing a large volume of air. We elected at that time to perform a novel procedure where we took Boomer's own blood from his veins and put it back into his chest to encourage sealing of the lungs by blood clotting.

Over the next several days Boomer received continued supportive care with physical therapy, transition to oral pain medications and antibiotics, continued chest tube drainage and received lots of love! Finally on Tuesday, after 6 days in the hospital, we were able to remove the tubes and send Boomer home!

Forty-eight hours after discharge Boomer continues to do well and is adjusting to life with three legs! ...

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2 months ago


Happy Vet Tech week to all of the hard working veterinary technicians out there, and especially to our team here at Avets! Our mission to provide state of the art care for pets would not be able to be accomplished without the hard work that all of our technicians put in EVERY SINGLE day. If you have a special Vet Tech in your life, be sure to tell them how much you appreciate them! ...

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2 months ago


Avets will be out at Dogtober fest down at the Waterfront today! Be sure to come say “Hi!” ...

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2 months ago


Don't forget to vote for Dottie! Voting goes through 10/8, and you can vote each day!!! Be sure to share! If Dottie wins, Avets will receive $10,000 towards our Avets fund which helps pets affected by tragedy.While playing outside, Dottie suffered a terrifying fall into a heated pond that resulted in Dottie and her pet parent both being electrocuted. The staff of Avets took Dottie immediately and provided excellent care of her.

Check out Dottie’s shocking story and vote for the Most Unusual Pet Insurance Claim of the Year. #HamboneAward ...

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