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When your pet needs extraordinary care, we’ll be here for you with a wide range of specialty and emergency services.

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When your pet needs extraordinary care, we’ll be here for you with a wide range of specialty and emergency services.

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As Easter approaches and Spring begins to bloom we see an increase of Lily toxicity cases. While Lily’s are beautiful flowers, they have ugly, fatal effects on kitties. It only takes a small amount to cause extreme kidney failure in as few as 3 days if not treated immediately.
Handsome London was hospitalized with us this week when he decided to nibble on this toxic flower. Luckily, his mom was aware of the harmful effects and sought care in time. Our critical care specialist, Dr. Goic gave London a clean bill of health and he was discharged yesterday! #poisonpreventionweek #caturday

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Xylitol is a sugar-free substance used as a sugar substitute that is found in gum, candy, toothpaste and a long list of many other products. While it’s completely safe for humans, xylitol results in a severe insulin release when ingested by pets which can cause hypoglycemia and liver failure. A local Pittsburgh news station did a piece on xylitol featuring our emergency and critical care specialist, Dr. Joana Goic in the past. To watch the video and learn more about xylitol, click the link below. #poisonpreventionweek ...

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Essential Oils have gained popularity over the years, however it is also "essential" to know the potential harmful side effects some may pose to pets. Animals react and absorb oils differently than humans do. For example, cats may be more susceptible to toxicity since their livers cannot metabolize some compounds in essential oils. Make sure you check the ingredients to ensure the oils are pure with no additional additives/chemicals that may be detrimental to their health and be mindful of specific plants/herbs that are toxic to pets #poisonpreventionweek ...

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Old man winter just wont let go! Be cautious of the outdoor toxins frequently seen during these wintry days. Sidewalk chemicals aren’t the only danger. Antifreeze, which has a sweet taste attracts animals, and can be fatal. To prevent accidental ingestion, keep pets out of the garage and chemicals out of reach. If you notice any spills from your vehicle, make sure you clean it up right away.
Snow poses a danger when it becomes contaminated with chemicals from sidewalks, roads, and vehicles. It can also hide small items that can cause serious damage if ingested. It’s best not to let your pooch engage in snow eating activities while you’re on a walk. #poisonpreventionweek

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