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We treat your sick or injured pet with the loving care every family member deserves—any time of day, every day of the year. We are a VECCS Level 1 facilitiy.

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Avets believes in providing your pet the best care available, so we search out the most passionate, highly trained veterinarians in the country.

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When your pet needs extraordinary care, we’ll be here for you with a wide range of specialty and emergency services.

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Our mission is to provide state of the art medicine and compassionate care for pets and the people who love them.

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19 hours ago


Ben, our Referral Service Coordinator's adorable dog, is here to share some water safety tips with all of his fellow furry friends! Ben is an experienced swimmer and a huge fan of pool floats 😎

1. Not all of us dogs are great swimmers. Make sure you go out for a trial swim in shallow water first, to see how well you do in the water.
2. When out on a boat, make sure your owner has a life preserver on you at all times. This will not only help keep you afloat, but also make you easier to spot, as well as provide a way to lift you out of the water.
3. Your owner should always stay near you in the water. We can grow tired very quickly while swimming, and are not good at treading water. Instead, we will doggy paddle for as long as possible.
4. Even though I enjoy swimming a lot, some of my friends don't. Your owner should never force you or other pets into the water. This can lead to a traumatic and possibly dangerous experience. ...

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3 days ago


Today is National Pet Fire Safety Day. When we think of fire drills, we don't always think of preparing our pets for a fire emergency. Not only do we need to have a fire safety plan for our pets but we also need to help prevent our pets from starting fires. Nearly 1,000 fires a year are started by pets. To help be prepared and keep your pet safe, visit: ...

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5 days ago


Looking at a list of houseplants that aren't cat-friendly, you may think it's impossible to find a suitable greenery for your home! This handy article lists 29 house plants (with photos!) that are safe to co-exist with your furry, feline friends: 🌿

If you are ever unsure of a specific houseplant, always remember to check in with your family veterinarian to be safe! ...

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1 week ago


We want you to have a safe summer with your pet!
Unfortunately, we see heatstroke and other heat-related emergencies more often than you'd think. Learn important safety tips to make sure your pets enjoy the season just as much as you do:

From all of us at Avets, including Dusty Rose and our Operations Manager, Karen, we hope you relax, and enjoy the dog days of summer knowing that Avets is here 24/7 for any pet emergency needs! ...

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2 weeks ago


Taking your dog to the park can be a fun bonding experience, and can provide some healthy exercise! Pittsburgh and the surrounding towns are full of great dog-friendly parks. Here's a list of some dog parks and other dog-friendly spaces nearby:

Where are your favorite dog-friendly destinations? Share some photos of your pet enjoying them in the comments! 🐕 ...

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