Critical Care

Nationally-recognized specialists in veterinary critical care lead our ICU team, providing compassionate critical care 24/7/365 to pets recovering from trauma, surgery or acute illness. You can be sure that Avets’ ICU offers the best critical care available for your pet. Our team’s combined efforts to ensure a multidisciplinary approach to your pet’s ICU experience, with experts from different specialties weighing in on each patient daily. Communication and collaboration are our greatest resources in caring for your pet. 

Our team provides the highest level of care for pets with life-threatening conditions. 

Treatment of hospitalized patients through our critical care service includes: 

  • Artificial organ support (oxygen therapy, ventilator therapy, specialized fluid support) 
  • Blood transfusion  
  • Arterial blood gas 
  • Status epilepticus treatments 
  • Vasopressor therapy 
  • Multimodal analgesia 
  • Polytrauma management 
  • Emergency airway management 
  • Parenteral nutrition 
  • Continuous chest drainage 
  • Critically ill patient post-op management 
  • Diagnostic procedures 
  • Diagnostic imaging 
  • Mechanical ventilation 
  • Respiratory therapy 
  • Treatment for life-threatening toxicities (poisonings)  
  • Treatment of sepsis and critical illness 
  • Treatment of kidney and liver failure 
  • Trauma care 

Our Doctors